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In October 2004 East End Arts launched 'Parkhead Children's Theatre'. Since then another 3 weekly Children's Theatres have been established. One is in Bridgeton and two are in Baillieston.

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Our aims for the Children's Theatres

We will enable children and young people to develop skills in the performing arts and in so doing, develop both individual and collective self- esteem and confidence.

We will deliver Creative Drama Workshop Programmes to children in the East End of Glasgow that are accessible, fun and of a high quality.

We will provide a safe environment within our Children's Theatres, giving participants the opportunity to be creative and self-expressive.

We will be non-discriminatory by making our workshops accessible to all children regardless of gender, race or ability.

We will provide a diversionary leisure activity for young people and will promote collaborative projects and practices with existing agencies working with children and young people in the East End of Glasgow.

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Our Rules of the Children's Theatres:


All children must be brought to the class and picked up afterwards by a parent or guardian. No children will be released after the session until they have been picked up.


All participants must wear appropriate clothing for a drama class, i.e. no chunky jewellery that could catch or hurt people, no skirts etc. Soft shoes should be worn. No football clothing will be allowed.


If your child is absent for two weeks with no explanation or advance warning to us their place will be given to the person at the top of the waiting list. Please let us know if your child is going to be absent, so they do not lose their place. Our phone number is 0141 554 6642.


The Children's Theatre will operate on a 'three strikes and you are out' policy. We do not want children to come along, misbehave and ruin it for everyone else so each child will receive a verbal warning each time they misbehave. If they have received two warnings the next step would be automatic dismissal from the Children's Theatre.


All children attending the Children's Theatre must respect the other participants at all times. We will not accept racism, sectarianism, bullying or any other disrespectful behaviour from any participant.

All rules are stated in order to help the Children's Theatre run smoothly and to create a safe, encouraging environment for the participants to work in.

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What age groups can attend?

All of our Children's Theatres are open to young people aged between 6 - 12 years and our Parkhead group also has a 3 - 5 year class. The groups are split into a 6 - 8 year group and a 9 - 12 year group.

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Parkhead Group

Members of the Parkhead Group

The Parkhead groups are split into a 3 - 5 year group, a 6 - 8 year group and a 9 - 12 year group.

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Bridgeton Group

Members of the Bridgeton Group

The Bridgeton group are split into a 6 - 8 year group and a 9 - 12 year group.

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Baillieston Groups

Members of the Baillieston Groups

The Baillieston groups were launched in May 2005.

The group are split into a 6 - 8 year group and a 9 - 12 year group.

See Complete Timetable of Meetings, Events and Workshops

Our terms run alongside the school terms with a break during the summer months. Each term is approximately 10 weeks in length. All classes are completely free of charge as the project is fully funded until April 2006 by the Local Action Fund.

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How do I register my child?

If you would like to register your child or find out more information you can email us at enquiries@eastendarts.co.uk, or phone East End Arts office on 0141 554 6642. There may not be spaces available in the class you want to attend. If there are no spaces your name will be added to our waiting list. If there are spaces you can register instantly and come along to the next session.

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