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As a Community Arts Organisation we are often approached by schools or education authorities who are looking for creative ways of teaching projects to young people. Often these are issue-based topics but they can also include history or social projects.

Using drama as a way of exploring issues is an effective way for young people to not only learn about a particular subject but also to have an emotional attachment to the issues that are being explored.

There are various drama techniques and methods that can be utilised when delivering a Theatre in Education (T.I.E) project. Common techniques are role-play, hot-seating, Forum Theatre and character based improvisation.

East End Arts has been delivering education projects in schools for many years now. We have built up good relationships with local schools and they greatly support the work that we do.

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Recent T.I.E. projects for East End Arts have included:

The 'Exploration of Vandalism through Art Initiative' with Thorntree Primary, Eastbank Primary, St Timothy's Primary and St Andrew's Secondary School. This project aimed to tackle vandalism in the local area using drama and art. See Photographs (see recent projects)

'It's Jist for Protection' Forum Theatre Project with St Mungo's Academy, Whitehill Secondary, Eastbank Academy, Bannerman High School and St Andrew's Secondary School. This project tackled the issue of knife crime in the East End of Glasgow. (see recent projects)

Anti-smoking Project with St Michael's Primary, St James' Primary, Haghill Park Primary, Golfhill Primary and Sacred Heart Primary School.

'Moving On Drama Project' with St Michael's Primary, Quarrybrae Primary, St Mark's Primary, Dalmarnock Primary and St Anne's Primary School.

'Sectarianism Drama & Film Project' with Bannerman High School. This project was initiated by a group of pupils at Bannerman High. They wanted to explore the issue of Sectarianism and make a film about it.

Upcoming T.I.E. Projects

We currently have two applications to continue our Forum Theatre Schools Projects. If they are successful we will be delivering these interactive drama workshops throughout the city to every Secondary School.

Our 'Moving On' Project is ongoing and will be delivered again in local Primary Schools after the summer break.

We can tailor a school project to suit any age group and to cover any subject. If you would like to find out more about this please email us at enquiries@eastendarts.co.uk or you can phone our office on 0141 554 6642.

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