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Quotes from Parents, Participants & Teachers

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"I learned how to perform and put on many voices and not to vandalise when I am older, not that I would."

Amy Dempster , Thorntree Primary School (Anti-vandalism Project)

"I thought the exhibition was very well planned and thought out. The drama DVD was well received by all the children and hopefully it will make them think twice about vandalising."

Anonymous , Feedback from Anti-vandalism exhibition

"I think I learned that it's really not nice to vandalise anywhere because it just makes it look horrible for the people that stay there and people that walk by it every day."

Chelsea Brennan , Thorntree Primary School (Anti-vandalism Project)

"[I learned] that there is no point in being shy because it's just fun and I am not shy anymore."

James Donald , Thorntree Primary School (Anti-vandalism Project)

"It is a chance to get to do something I like and I get to socialise with other children my age. Thank you for giving me that chance."

Jordan Hunter (10) , Parkhead Children's Theatre

"Overall workshops were great fun, young people really enjoyed them and it was very unfortunate we could not participate in the Festival due to prior commitments."

Kirsty Williamson , South Camlachie Youth Project (Festival Project)

"I enjoyed watching the play and then watching the children change each scene. I enjoyed the fact there were discussions after each scene had been changed to show the positive outcome. [The] children were so engaged with the issues as it was participatory, fun and exciting."

Linda Bowie , (teacher at Eastbank Academy), It's Jist for Protection Project

"It was really funny and it opens your eyes about the dangers about carrying knives. I feel carrying knives is really dangerous."

Marc Clelland , Eastbank Academy, It's Jist for Protection Project

"It's somewhere to get us out of the house and meet new friends. We have so much fun doing all the activities. I love it."

Megan Flynn (11) , Parkhead Children's Theatre

"I feel she has really come out of herself and I like the people that help and she loves it."

Mrs Broughton , (parent of child attending Parkhead Children's Theatre)

"I like coming [to Parkhead Children's Theatre] because it is fun and I like to learn lots of new things and it has given me confidence. The teachers are great and explain things very well and I enjoy the challenge."

Nicola Haig (10) , Parkhead Children's Theatre

"I really enjoyed the play because it got the message across but there was humour too. I enjoyed hearing new information. I also enjoyed my class joining in. I have learned that you can be charged for carrying a weapon without using it and that is stupid looking for fights."

S2 pupil , Bannerman High School, It's Jist for protection Project

"I really enjoyed the workshop because it told us what could happen if we carried knives and also because we could think of things that were wrong and could improve upon."

S2 pupil , Bannerman High School, It's Jist for protection Project

"I really liked the play. It was really funny and good to watch. The best bit I liked was when people got to go up and act and change the play."

S2 pupil , Bannerman High School, It's Jist for protection Project

"I feel as though Chantelle has got really more confident since she has started the club and mixes with other children now."

Sharon Cairney , (parent of child attending Parkhead Children's Theatre)

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